ChiroCare Center

Suzanne P. Grondin, DC

124 Maine Street, Suite 215, Brunswick, Me

Our Treatment

The primary source of treatment at ChiroCare Center is Chiropractic Manipulation. However, at ChiroCare instead of utilizing the traditional hand adjusting techniques, we use an FDA approved instrument to replace the hand adjusting. The use of this device is standard protocol for the chiropractic technique called “Activator Methods”. Because the adjustments are delivered in a quick, gentle, precise and effective manner, "Activator Methods" is growing in popularity for both doctors and patients. Activator Methods utilizes an instrument such as the one shown below. For a sample viewing of this technique click HERE.


Activator Adjusting Device

When using Activator Methods' established evaluation procedures, the doctor assesses the patient’s regional joint function. When abnormal segmental function is located, the doctor uses the activator instrument along with the "Activator Method" adjusting protocol. The Chiropractor can easily correct the misalignment and observe the body return to its normal, symmetrical, neurological function, providing a quick feedback for the doctor ensuring a successful treatment.