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Patient Stories


Migraine Headaches

I first heard of ChiroCare from my sister-in-law. She had been going for migraines. I had been having migraine headaches for a couple of years and at one point, I was hospitalized for them. I tried many different prescription medicines, massages, heat, ice, and many other things that people talked about for helping my migraines.

I started going not really believing it would help. The doctor of ChiroCare was working on me, I think it was my second visit, and asked me if I had been hit in the head with anything. I thought about it and remembered a few years back I was walking down Rte. 201 and somebody threw a disposable saltshaker out the car window. It hit me in the forehead and it was not long after that I started getting migraines. She found a place on my head that was tender to her touch and after a few more sessions, I was doing much better.

Thanks to ChiroCare I no longer have migraines. I now see them every 4 months just to keep my body aligned and my migraines gone. Michele Business Owner

Back Pain

My back issues started over 30 years ago when I was a fireman and it had gotten progressively worse. I couldn’t stand the thought of going to a Chiropractor that snapped, cracked and wrenched my back, but my wife told me about ChiroCare. I had to go. They use a pen-like device instead of wrenching.

I have been on an intermittent maintenance plan for several years now. I don’t really know if I could continue to do the things I do if I didn’t continue to go to ChiroCare along with regular massage treatments. Martin Self-Employed Lobsterman & Trap Builder

Headaches, Neck And Back Pain After Skating Accident

I had a really bad roller skating accident in 1994 and was hospitalized for 6 days. I had a fractured skull and sacrum. I was in a lot of pain with minimal movement in my arms and neck and taking a lot of pain meds. I knew I didn’t want to live that way. I knew there had to be something else and had never tried Chiropractic before. I saw ChiroCare in the phone book and called to make an appointment. I was leery, but when I left the office the terrible headaches I’d been having for weeks and weeks were gone. I didn’t think I would be able to work as a hairdresser or roller skate again.

Because of Chiropractic I was able to reach goals that I didn’t think I’d ever be able to achieve again. I’ve had such positive experiences with Chiropractic that I keep coming back for more. I rarely take pain medicine because with Chiropractic I don’t have any pain that I did before. I’ve recommended many, many people to come to ChiroCare. Janice Cosmetology Educator

Lower Back Pain And Ankle Pain And Swelling

ChiroCare Center helped me feel young again! Two years ago, my left ankle started to swell and I had lower back pain. The pain would come on quickly and stay for a while. I went to the doctors numerous times. The doctors told me many different reasons of what the problem could have been; none of their solutions helped me!

Friends had suggested for me to see a chiropractor. I started to investigate into it. My insurance company agreed to pay up to 36 visits per year. My first visit to ChiroCare was an evaluation. I couldn’t believe the list of alignments I needed at such a young age.

I have to confess; at first I didn’t think the Doctor’s tool (the activator instrument) was going to fix me. After a few weeks, I started to feel better. I went twice a week for a while and then once a week. At one point, I had to go back and do twice a week, again. My pelvic bone was being stubborn! Now, I just go in for maintenance work, once every six weeks. I sound like I am a car (alignments and maintenance work).

My ankle, back and pelvic areas have made some great progress. I feel my age again! Thank you, ChiroCare! I can do the things I love doing, walking, running, hiking and standing on my feet with no pain. Krista Ed Tech/In Home Support

Chronic Back And Neck Issues

I have been going to Chiropractors since 1991 for chronic back and neck issues. Chiropractic is the one thing that keeps me stable as many areas of my body go out of alignment on a regular basis.

ChiroCare was recommended to me by my former Chiropractor that became ill. Once I experienced the Doctor’s masterful technique, I knew I was in the hands of a master. She has a gift and I often think of her intuitiveness as magic. Her testing techniques are the best I’ve ever experienced, and she can really hone in on the exact places in my body that need attention. My body has become more stable than ever before and I appreciate each session I have at ChiroCare Center. Laurie Teacher

Back Spasms

I do not exaggerate when I say ChiroCare saved my life! Even though it’s been over 10 years, I can still remember how horrible it was to spend 2 weeks about every 6 months in bed with people feeding me and wondering if I will ever walk normally again. Every 6 months I would have such awful spasms that it’d seem like; this is it, this is the end. To deal with that kind of fear and pain was horrible.

Here I am many years later and I’m still forever deeply grateful to ChiroCare for helping me though that mess. It took 5 years working closely with ChiroCare to turn things around. It’s been so many years that I’ve been spasm free and no longer worried that it will ever happen again. With the Doctor’s help, I’m learning how to take care of myself. After 9 different chiropractors since 1983, ChiroCare was the last and still is the best. I found them in 1998 with a referral from a patient she had who had another horrific story that I could relate to. ChiroCare changed her life and that gave me hope. Libby CNA/Artist

Chronic Back Pain

It was as simple as a bend and a twist while picking a flower out of a bucket that brought me to my knees. The pain was excruciating! I tried different avenues that just didn’t work for me and finally asked to be referred to a Chiropractor and voila! I am pain free! I am now on maintenance care with ChiroCare and will never stop. I have been with them for 8 plus years and have learned a lot in the process. They have helped me tremendously. I feel very comfortable with ChiroCare and their staff. Reneé Pharmacy Tech.

Wrist Pain

I first visited a Chiropractor five years ago when I was experiencing migraine headaches. I was certain the migraines were related to my posture, so my physician and I decided I should try chiropractic manipulation before taking prescription drugs. Sure enough my headaches went away within a few visits and haven’t returned in years. More recently, in November 2009, I began to develop intense pain in my left wrist. This was especially scary for me as a massage therapist, because wrist pain can be career ending. I turned to Chiropractic first, based on my previous experience. I decided to try the ChiroCare Center after hearing so many great reviews of ChiroCare. Within 2 visits, my wrist pain had decreased by about 50%, and after 4-5 visits it was completely gone. In addition to fixing my primary complaint of wrist pain, the Doctor has also been able to help various other aches and pains that have cropped up while training to run in my first 10k race. Now, I visit ChiroCare for a monthly maintenance visit. I find this keeps my wrist pain at ease, decreases other discomforts associated with running, and gives me a greater sense of body awareness. I truly believe in Chiropractic work and highly recommend the ChiroCare Center. Sarah Massage Therapist

Chronic Back Pain

Chiropractic care became part of my life in 1998. After several years of chronic back pain I decided to consult with ChiroCare to see if there was something she could do or recommend. In my line of work, as well as many other peoples, you don’t get the option to stay home because your back hurts or the aches and pains of just getting older. The option that I chose was to educate myself on things that I could do to strengthen my back as well as different stretches that you can do that will help you in the everyday activities that we all enjoy. ChiroCare can give you the knowledge to help you with your back pain. There is no quick fix on getting rid of your back pain, but there are a lot of options you can do to prevent back pain and a lot of them don’t cost as much as you think. I hear a lot of people tell me once you start going to a chiropractor you’ll have to go forever. I say, “Is that such a bad thing?” We are all going to be working forever so why suffer with back pain forever. I am a firm believer in going to the chiropractor and my back must be too because it doesn’t hurt me like it use to. Bob Fisherman

Chronic Shoulder Pain

I first visited ChiroCare about 10 years ago with chronic shoulder pain that felt like I as having a heart attack. Visits with my MD produced only pain medications and didn’t get rid of what was causing the pain. On my first Chiropractic visit I felt immediate relief and asked myself WHY did I wait so long to give this a try? Over the years I continue to visit my Chiropractor on a regular basis. Even though it’s been 10 years, I am always so pleasantly pleased when I get relief from pain, that at times, prevents me from living life to the fullest. I highly recommend Chiropractic treatment to all my friends and family. Why take pain pills when a visit to the chiropractor gets rid of the pain! Mary Account Executive

"Don't Rush Your Chiropractic Care"

by John Fitzherbert

I first came to see ChiroCare in the spring of 2012 after almost 30 years of sitting at a desk or in front of a computer. I was experiencing pain in my neck, lower back, shoulder blades, chest and legs, to say the least I was feeling pretty desperate to find some relief from my situation. My visit to ChiroCare was not my first attempt to find help for the pain I have been experiencing for many years. In the past I had seen my Primary Care Physician, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturist and other Chiropractors but just had not received the results I was hoping for.

Long story short I have been with ChiroCare for approximately 6 months and I am at this point pain free. To be able to make that statement is amazing after such a long period of experiencing daily pain, some of this daily pain severe at times. Thinking back I was actually content when my pain was just what I considered bearable, not any more - I feel GREAT. Yes I still sit at a desk all day and yes I'm still a bit stiff in my lower back after a long day of computer work and meetings but with daily stretching and exercise, primarily walking, I am no longer suffering with severe pain.

From my own personal experience, my advice to anyone finding themselves in the same situation I was in prior to seeing ChiroCare is this - don't rush your Chiropractic Care. My body did not start experiencing severe pain over night, it took many years of sitting at a desk/computer and just experiencing life, lifting objects, bad posture and probably just not enough daily stretching and exercise. Stay the course - give your body the time it needs to recover, my Chiropractic Care did not cure all my pain issues with my first visit, it was a process, my process has taken 6 months yours may be shorter or longer depending on your own situation. Don't give up hope - be patient, give ChiroCare treatment time to work, it has worked for me and hopefully it will work for you.